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D2K - Summer Value Pack

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With the insect season here and in full swing, protect your home from all with non-toxic solutions. For you or someone else who needs. Perfect for an existing problem or just as prevention!

This package includes:

  • 2 x Cockroach Traps with 2 in a pack. Has a non-toxic attractant to bring out the cockroaches and get stuck on the trap. Can also be used for monitoring. Effective for up to 8 weeks!
  • 2 x Pantry Moth Trap 2 in a pack. A pesticide-free and odourless trap for attracting and catching pantry moths
  • 2 x Clothes Moth Trap 2 in a pack. A pesticide-free and odourless trap for attracting and catching clothes moths.
  • 2 x Window Fly Traps 10 in a pack. Provides an environment free of irritating flies, Non-Toxic, odourless and transparent fly trap.
  • 2 x Fly Trap Outdoor Fly Bag. D2K's Non-Toxic Fly Trap Bag contains a small water-soluble special bait. The flies are lured by the bait, crawl into the fly trap and cannot get out. They then drown in the water enzymes solution which digests the fly, adding to the bait.
  • 1 x D2k Aerosol. While the Designed2Kill formula is completely harmless when it comes into contact with human skin and larger animals, it is lethal to insects. When insects come into contact with DE, it creates small scratches to their natural waxy coating, simply causing them to dehydrate and die. Safe to use around kids!

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Modern Pest Control - Article

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Story from Supermarket News April 2018


Modern Pest Control

Non-toxic pest control is becoming increasingly popular as part of the overall trend away from chemicals in home life. The ever-growing base of consumers who are moving towards organic food are also moving away from pesticides in other areas.

ALPECO stands for Alternative Pest Control – something about which founder Heiko Kaiser is passionate.

ALPECO not only brings worldproven technologies to New Zealand but has also developed its own range of non-toxic solutions.

ALPECO aims to remain the leader in the alternative pest control industry in New Zealand by offering environmentally friendly solutions, the latest proven technology, high-quality products and workmanship.

ALPECO’s Designed-2-Kill (D2K) products provide an alternative pest control solution for bugs, insects and other common pests. The mice and rat trap stations combine decades of
practical field experience and use the very latest in design technology and materials. The D2K non-toxic lures last up to three months and contain a nontoxic attractant developed to fit neatly into a snap trap for a clean and simple solution to rodent trapping.

D2K Aerosol – made from a formula based upon food-grade Amorphous Silica (DE) – is an effective way of eliminating small insects and
preventing insects returning without resorting to conventional residual harmful pesticides.

While the D2K spray is completely harmless to larger animals and humans,even if swallowed, it is lethal to insects,causing their waxy natural coating to dissolve, leaving the bug to dehydrate and die.

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