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D2K - NARA Spray

D2K Mouse & Rat Bait
  • Well proven by industry and trappers in New Zealand
  • A can lasts up to 500 sprays
  • Available as Chocolate or Meaty flavor
  • Gide the animal into your trap

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Best Practice:

- NARA Chocolate Spray for Possums and Rodents
- NARA Meaty Spray for Rodents, Possums and Mustelid

Allergen management has become a major topic in many food product companies.

NARA Spary is a synthetic monitor that helps to aid conventional non-toxic monitoring methods in allergen-free and other environments. It lasts up to 6 months in rain, heat and snow, and is one of the best tools that every technician should carry in his arsenal.

NARA Spray - D2K
NARA Spray - D2K
NARA Spray - D2K
NARA Spray - D2K

Why to use:

  • Supports non-toxic monitoring
  • Highly attractive for all rodents and other pest animals like possums and mustelid
  • Beneficial monitor to all types of stations
  • Easy and seamless to apply
  • Highly cost effective