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Mice Trap Zapper

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D2K – Mouse Zapper Traps that kill Instantly & Humane for Indoors & Outdoors.

Non-Toxic Lure or Bait, comes with AC Plug or Battery Usable, 7000V Shock to Kill Mice, Reusable, Easy to Set & Detachable.

This is possible the “Best Mouse Trap”.

  • Very effective way to catch and exterminate a mouse.
  • This humane trap kills in secondS And its design meets international humane kill standards.
  • The small door is designed to prevent clip the tail of the mouse.
  • Non-toxic lure or bait, ideal for households with pets and people that do not like to see smashed dead bodies.
  • The Zapper delivers up to 7000V high voltage shocks.
  • The units flashes a green light when rodent has been exterminated.
  • It comes with and extension LED light indicator.
    Even and alarm sounds when a catch enters.
  • The base is waterproof for thorough cleaning.
  • The D2K Rat Zapper is the reusable, a non-toxic solution to ridding your home of vermin.
  • Simply plug it in or use 4x D sise batteries and the alarm will sound when it’s time to empty the trap.
  • Set and forget, plug and play functions.

A Unique Design where there is a buzzer prompt after completing the mousetrap. The two parts of mouse trap are removable, one is transparent cover design to see if you had a catch. Ther is no need to touch the dead rodents for easy cleaning. Open the lid and dispose.

Safe & Reusable: This electric Zapper mouse trap is safe to be used indoor and outdoor which had been certified by FCC, CE, ROHS.

It is reusable, can be used indefinitely.

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