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D2K - Beep

D2K 24/7 Monitoring with Beep
D2K - Alternative Pest Control Beep

Permanent Trap Monitoring Could't Be Easier

How does it work?

- eMitter BEEP sends 3 acoustic signals every 30 seconds

- Perfectly suitable for supermarkets, small and mid-sized end-clients

- Special frequency will be heard over long distances

Mice Control Solutions

User Manual

EMitter BEEP - Designed-2-Kill

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Permanent Monitoring could not be easier

  • No false alerts
  • Battery life span of up to 3 years (changeable battery)
  • Only one button for activation / deactivation
  • Use eMitter BEEP for call-outs, jobs, warehouses, offices, private clients and many more
  • Save yourself from annoying and time-consuming controls without a result
  • Acoustic alerts guarantee easy recovery of trap
  • Catches rodents in difficult areas like suspended ceilings or floors
  • Superb solution, compliant with animal protection laws
  • Low-cost first approach into permanent monitoring
  • High quality, made in Germany
  • Worldwide patented technology, CE approved

D2K - Single Mice Trap & Beep

Mice Trap & E-mitter BEEP

D2K - Gorilla Traps, Banana and Beep

Gorilla Mouse & Rat Traps with e-Mitter Beep

D2K - Runbox with Base and Beep

Runbox Mouse Trap & E-Mitter BEEP

D2K - EPP Tunnel & Beep

EPP Tunnel Mouse Trap & Beep

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