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Cat & Possum Pest Control Solutions

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Live Trapping - Weka Invasive, Modern Technology

Weka Invasiv Transport
Weka Invasiv Catch
Weka water

The Weka Invasive live trap catches animals alive and unharmed.

Due to the practical carrying handles and the low weight, the trap can be easily transported by 1-2 people or simply installed in the area and implement.

The trap has 3 different triggering functions: bait release, footboard or touch of the control mechanism.

The adjusting mechanism is inside and thus well protected. The Weka invasive live trap can therefore be simply comaflaged from the outside and is also weather-resistant without additional cover.

Even setting up in shallow water is possible.

Setup Instructions

  • Easy removal of caught game
  • Very long shelf life, since only plastic, stainless steel and galvanised parts are used
  • External self-locking on the flaps
  • Easy visual inspection through the screw cap
  • Very easy, fast and safe operation
  • Can also be used in water
  • Darkened inside so animal is calm
  • No risk of injury from caught game
  • Can easily be fitted with MinkPolice
Weka Invasive

Weka Invasive Live Trap

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Removal Adapter

Easy Removal Funnel

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Bait Plate

Food Tray

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Live Trapping - Cat, Catch and Crush Cages
Robust, Galvanized, Lasting and Effective

Live Trapping Cage for Cats
Cat, Catch & Crush Cages - Cat Pest Solutions
Cat & Possum Pest Solutions

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Trapinator Cat & Possum Traps

Possum Kill Trap

This revolutionary possum trap is effective and easy to use. With its one movement (set, arm and easy baiting system), it is user friendly for experts and community groups.

Purchase one now and do your part in preserving the natural forest.

Possum Kill Traps - Designed-2-Kill

The Trapinator

After two years of working with experts from the New Zealand Department of Conservation, observing pest behavior and testing, the Trapinator was released for public use. The brief was to make the trap better than anything on the market, light, durable, portable, effective, and easy to use.

Now that this has been achieved, Trapinator is doing its part everyday in reducing introduced species such as possums, feral cats, and similar sized pests.

This product was designed to eliminate predators and return the surrounding bush to its natural state.

The Trapinator - Possum Traps

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Perfect with Nara Lures

Nara Lure Spray Bloc Lure

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