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D2K - Pigeon Live Catch Bird Cage

BirdZone Pigeon Cage

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Feral pigeons potentially carry diseases such as salmonella, toxoplasmosis, histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, psittacosis (ornithosis) and numerous other bacteria and pathogens. The corrosive nature of pigeon droppings also damages building surfaces, creating substantial cleaning and maintenance issues for businesses.

Complete Pigeon Cage trap set. Includes trap, two entry doors, perch, two bird removal doors and solid roofed dishes, assembly clips, and instructions.

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Following in the footsteps of the successful BirdZone Cage, the Pigeon Cage is a durable, collapsible and commercial size trapping solution for reducing feral pigeon populations.

This trap has successfully and humanely assisted facilities in Australia, New Zealand and Asia with the removal of this disease-carrying species. Trapping pigeons is easy, safe, discrete and targeted with the Pigeon Cage.

Trap set includes: Main trap, two entry doors, perch, bird removal doors, solid roof, perch, assembly clips, and instructions.

Please note: the Food and water containers pictured are sold separately. A storage bag is also sold separately.

Size: 600mm x 700mm x 700mm

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D2K - Sparrow Live Catch Bird Cage

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Get rid of pest sparrows with this easy to use, multi capture sparrow trap.

This trap has 2 compartments, an entry compartment with 2 one-way doors, leading into a second trapping compartment.

Use bait like bread, wheat or grain - near to and leading into the trap. Place more food and water in the second trapping compartment.

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Birds are enticed in through the one way door system to the areas inside, where they cannot escape.
A sliding door on the trapping compartment allows the placing of food inside the trap as well as removal of the birds.

Traps approximately 12 sparrows at one time.

Dimensions: 610mm x 350mm x 210mm

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Designed-2-Kill Online Pest Control Products

Pro-Peller (Marine bird unit)

Designed-2-Kill Online Pest Control Products
Designed-2-Kill Online Pest Control Products

Pro-Peller (Land bird unit)

Bird Control Solutions - D2K

The Pro-Peller was designed to provide a durable, yet cost effective, reflective unit used to complement the Eagle Eye system.

The unit rotates by means of it’s double bearing system and the wings have been designed to rotate in the slightest of breezes.
The unit is totally wind-driven and no electricity is needed. This ensures a low cost, low maintenance and easy to install open area bird deterring device.

The wings are made out of aluminium and the mounting bracket is grade 304 stainless steel.
This ensures longevity of the unit and it can be used in coastal areas without the risk of corrosion.

Red for marine birds and Gold Silver land birds!

The unit must be serviced once every 4 months to ensure optimal reflections and product longevity.

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Eagle Eye
Light Reflection for Bird Defence

Eagle Eye Bird Deterrent Device

The Eagle Eye™ is an effective bird deterrent device that harmlessly relocates birds. Birds are irritated by reflected light beams that flash at various angles from a rotating Eagle Eye™ unit.

The system has been extensively tested and used at hundreds of locations in New Zealand, South Africa and as well as Internationally. Facilities and situations include resorts, food production facilities, waste treatment plants, correctional facilities, hospitals, libraries, government buildings, tourist facilities, golf courses, bowling greens, and horticultural crops to name but a few.

The species of pest birds now being deterred by Eagle Eye™ in New Zealand is extensive. For more information, feel free to contact us.

Many success stories have been included on this site to give access to information on this exciting product range.

The Eagle Eye™ is complementary to the full range of products and techniques used by bird control experts to relocate birds from infested areas. Correct placing and Installation is relatively easy. The Eagle Eye™ optical device has proven to be effective for the control and management of birds in a variety of applications.

These units can be powered by either an electrical power supply or by a Solar panel.

Different Options: (All Kits sold with all necessary piping,brackets,wires and power supplies)

Eagle Eye Bird & Pigeon Deterrent

1) Eagle Eye Mains Kit Silver: This kit is for Pigeon infestation and connected to an electrical power outlet.

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Eagle Eye Pigeon Deterrent

2) Eagle Eye Solar Kit Silver: This kit is for Pigeon infestation and connected to a solar panel.

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Sea Bird Deterrent Solutions - Eagle Eye

3) Eagle Eye Mains Kit Red: This kit is for Sea-bird infestation and connected to an electrical power outlet.

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Bird Infestation Solutions - Eagle Eye

4) Eagle Eye Solar Kit Red: This kit is for Sea-bird infestation and powered by a solar panel.

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Bird Control - Eagle Eye accessory mounting bracket


Stainless Corner Bracket

Please let us know when placing your order if you would prefer one to the flat mounting bracket.

90 Degree angled mounting brackets are available for installations on roof peaks or on vertical corners.

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Additional Info

Product Maintenance:

Maintenance is needed every 6 months.

The Eagle Eye unit is covered with three layers of steel (Steel) to produce a spectrum that birds see as danger. This metal is NOT chrome and will get dirty. It is recommended that the Eagle Eye unit must be cleaned with a special surface cleaner every 6 months in normal conditions, and every 3 to 4 months near the sea or where there is a deposit of smoke or acid is in the air.

Normal dishwashing liquid must NOT be used as it will remove the Metal Cover.

If the Eagle Eye unit is standing still, or is dirty, the "System" will not work.

Eagle Eye Placement Video