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D2K - Latest 4G Trail Pest Cam

4G Camera D2K

4G Trail Pest Cam - 2019 Model

Monitor any area from anywhere with the new 4G Trail Pest Cam from Designed-2-Kill. With movement sensor and time lapse settings, it is perfect for wildlife monitoring, pest control or security.

Wherever you are in the world, you can receive photo and video to your mobile phone, email or website.

The 12MP HD camera was also specifically designed on the basis of feedback and requirements from customers all over the world.

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Solar Panel & Bracket

Solar Charger 3
D2K Solar Charger 2
holder D2K

Trail Pest Cam Security Case

D2K security box
D2K security box
D2K security box

Night Vision

Pest Cam Night Vision View

IP 67

Underwater Pest Cam

Wide Lens

Photo by Wide Lens
Wide Lens

Narrow Lens

Photo by Normal Lens
Normal Lens


Hi PF2050 Team

Thanks for your help to set up the trail camera. I installed the SD card and 4G Vodafone Sim and put it out last night in an urban setting.

What amazed me was how many cats went past!. We had 6 different cats crossing the pathway from 22hr to 4am, one which was clearly in hunting behavior mode, the others looked like they were passing through.

The videos and pics (I was testing both capabilities) were received in a timely manner and quality was excellent. The instant notification with the timings are going to help us understand the biodiversity movements accurately and allow us to have more efficient predator control plans.

Thanks for bringing such a great product to add to our toolbox. I'll let you know how it goes in the rural areas.

Best Ally

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