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Mobile Pest Control Monitoring - D2K

Monitor your animal traps with our free mobile app

MinkPolice monitors your traps for you!

You can save a lot of time and money by not driving out to check your traps every day. Instead, use MinkPolice trap monitor. It notifies you when your trap closes.

MinkPolice works with your free online interface, where you can easily set up your monitor, check the current status of all traps, and enter all phone numbers and email addresses, you wish to be notified upon trap closure.

MinkPolice even sends you a message if there is a problem, such as network failure. And of course, it gives you a heads up before the batteries die.

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Mink Police Instructions

Immediate Notifications

The user is informed immediately about the closing of the trap via email and/or text message. This is especially animal-friendly because it allows you to react immediately when an animal is caught, and the animal is not trapped unnecessarily for a long period of time.

Summarized status reports

If requested, the Server will send one or two emails and/or text-messages per day summarizing the status of all traps. Instead of receiving individual status reports from each and every trap, the MinkPolice status report summarizes the status of all traps in one single message. Even with 100 traps or more, the user only receives one single message summarizing the status of all traps.

Easy and intuitive set-up

Set-up and configuration is done intuitively with few clicks on the MinkPolice website and it is not necessary to call or send sms messages to the device in order to set it up. Once the monitor is registered online with its easily recognizable serial number printed on the side of the device, you can set up phone numbers, email addresses, times for daily status reports and more with just a few clicks. Even changing the sim card will not interrupt the monitor’s operation. Even if the sim card is switched during operations, the device keeps on working as usual.

No ongoing costs

The MinkPolice online Portal is free of charge. Only the SIM card and batteries have to be purchased in addition to the trap-monitor. Depending on the user’s location, there are sim “pay-as-you-go” cards available that include a certain amount of free data transfer. Such a SIM card in combination with email notifications will result in no running costs.

Documented overview of all server communication

By clicking on a trap in the trap-overview, a trap’s communication log can be accessed. It shows the battery status, the temperature, and the signal strength. Every time the monitor contacts the server, it is documented. If necessary, it is easy to provide proof that the monitor has been checked several times a day, even when no personal check occurred.

Works even in areas with weak network coverage

Even in areas of weak mobile network coverage, MinkPolice still works without any trouble. The communication between device and server requires very small data packages, and in addition, we have invested a lot in optimizing the antenna reception. Therefore, the MinkPolice monitor still works even where phone calls and text messages fail.

And many other awesome features

The MinkPolice trap-monitor is IP67 tested (waterproof down to one meter). Several users have stories about devices being under water for days or weeks without being damaged. During a storm in December 2013, a MinkPolice device disappeared from the Danish coast north of Copenhagen, and it was found on the beach in Sweden by a dog walker three weeks later. The device was sent back to us, and we verified that it worked perfectly before returning it back to the owner.

Batteries last approximately a year:
4 AA Lithium batteries will last approximately one year with two daily status messages. The user will be notified actively as soon as a device shows a low battery charge. This notification will be sent plenty of time in advance so that the user has time enough to change the batteries. We recommend batteries of the type Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™ (L91) which perform much better than normal alkaline batteries.

Mobile Pest Control Monitoring - D2K
Mobile Pest Control Monitoring - D2K
Mobile Pest Control Monitoring - D2K
Mobile Pest Control Monitoring - D2K

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MinkPolice & Vodafone NB-IoT

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