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D2K - Rodent Bait

Brigand 2kg

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Brigand 8 kg

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8KG - 4x 2KG Buckets

Starter pack for Rodent Extermination DIY!

Brigand Rodent Blocks
- Ready to use Wax - Rodent Bait Block.
- Active ingredient Brodifacoum, 0.05 g/kg
- Used by industry world wide
- Easy to maintain
- Supports all D2K Stations Indoor and outdoor use.
- Stronger rodenticide
- Only one feed is a lethal dose to rats and mice
- Specially formulated to withstand moisture, damp and heat.
- Edible waxes.
- Hole for fixing rodenticide in place.
- Humane and contains non-target species deterrent

We recommend to feed:
1x Block for D2K - Mice Station 20 g 1x Block (20g = 1 block)
4-5x Blocks for D2K - Rat Stations 4-5x 20 g Block (20g = 1 block)

Important to know is that this type of bait feeds right through and has the edible waxes!

Or check out or pre-baited stations!