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Green Hero Bed Bug Frost Spray

GreenHero® Frost Spray, 500 ml, Insecticide without insecticide, Against all pests, wasps, bedbugs, mites, silverfish, storage pests

  • Effective Formula: The product has a purely thermal mode of action, which prevents the formation of resistance. Instead of insecticides, it contains a volatile gas that cools down to -45 ° C in the air.
  • Immediate Effect: The pests are not poisoned, but simply frosted. Due to the sudden cold, the cells of insects, larvae or eggs burst and the pest dies immediately.
  • Versatile: The spray is used to combat wasp nests, bedbugs, moths, ants, silverfish, woodlice, storage pests.
  • Natural Ingredients: The spray-free spray has a purely thermal mode of action, which prevents the formation of resistance.
Greeen Hero Can


Frost Spray
100% Non - Toxic

Bed Bugs

D2K - 500ml Aerosol with spray nozzle applicator

Designed2Kill is made from a formula, based upon a food grade selection of Amorphous Silica (DE). It is an effective way of eliminating small insects and preventing them from returning without resorting to conventional pesticides which can leave harmful residue.

Safe to use around pets and children.

While the Designed2Kill formula is completely harmless when it comes into contact with human skin and larger animals, it is lethal to insects. When insects come into contact with DE, it creates small scratches to their natural waxy coating, simply causing them to dehydrate and die.

Extremely easy to use!


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1 x Designed-2-Kill 500ml Aerosol
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12 x Designed-2-Kill 500ml Aerosols
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D2K Aerosol Spray Bed Bugs
Bed Bug Nest - D2K
D2K Aerosol Spray Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs

D2K - Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

It is now possible to exterminate pest like bed bugs using non-toxic methods. But is it possible to provide residual protection that is equally safe?

Diatomaceous earth is an effective way of preventing bed bugs recurring without resorting to conventional residual pesticides.

Diatomaceous earth is composed of the tiny ‘skeletons’ of microscopic algae. While completely harmless to larger animals and humans, even if swallowed (in fact it is actually recommended as a dietary supplement for pets), it is lethal to insects. By scratching the insect’s tough cuticle it kills them by causing the pest to simply dehydrate. This fact is no small concern when you consider the amount of insecticide that is usually used to achieve bed bug control. In fact, you may already be using this product in your home. Diatomaceous earth can be found in products that help to remove chemical spills as well as in cat box litter.


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Bed Bug Treatment & Removal
D2K Bed Bugs

D2K - Bug Logs

Encasement featuring the unique secure seal system provide an effective barrier against bed bugs breeding in your bed base.

The fully encased bed base protector prevents bed bug entry and escape, protects your bed base from scuff-marks.
Bed bug infestations are a serious problem and can result in a variety of health concerns.

BugLock® Mattress Encasement:

  • Entomology Laboratory Certified as bed bug entry and escape proof protection
  • Laboratory tested and approved
  • Non-woven fabric
  • Machine washable (warm) / tumble-dry (medium)
  • For optimum convenience, stain proofing and bed bug bite proof protection

How to Fit

Bed Bug Encasements Pest Control
Bed Bug Encasements Pest Control
Encasement Bed Bugs & Hygiene

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  • Single 92 x 188cm + 20cm
  • Extra Large Single 92 x 204cm (On Request)
  • King Single 107 x 204cm + 20cm
  • Double 138 x 188cm + 20cm
  • Queen 152 x 204cm + 20cm
  • Queen 152 x 204cm + 30cm
  • Super King 183 x 204cm + 20cm
  • Super King 183 x 204cm + 30cm
  • NZ King 168 x 204cm + 20cm
  • NZ King 168 x 204cm + 30cm
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