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D2K - NARA Long Lasting Lures

D2K Mouse & Rat Bait
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Allergen management has become a major topic in many food product companies.

NARA is the first allergen free attractant, which is especially designed for this specific purpose.

Law as well as many food standards now prohibit the use of anticoagulants for monitoring purposes. Only after the determination of rodent activity anticoagulants may be used subject to stringent restrictions.

Common monitoring mouse and rat baits have the critical disadvantage that they serve as food for the rodents. This obviously increases their lifetime and the risk of a rising reproduction of rodents. Moreover, most common kinds of rat bait are prone to mould formation in damp areas.
In other areas they are often infested by non-target organisms, e.g. flour beetles, cockroaches, bristletails and moths.

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Liquid Bait for Mouse & Rat Traps

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Why to use:

Why to use:

Why to use:

  • High attractiveness for rodents, especially mice
  • Long durability depending on location of at least 3 months
  • Allergen-Free and therefore ideally suitable for use within the food industry
  • No infestation of the lure by insects, as is the case with standard lures
  • For use in wet areas excellently suited. No mould or decomposition due to humidity
  • Distinction between rat and mice based on gnawing traces
  • Completely allergen free
  • Moisture resistant, and therefore suitable for damp and dry environments
  • Only offered by NARA, the monitoring bait specifically for use in food processing plants
  • Pure plastic bait which excludes infestation by insects, as it is not an organic material
  • Highly attractive to rodents due to the unique shape and consistency of the bait
  • No mould formation and thereby micro-biologically safe
  • Suited for Gorilla or Kness rat traps and mouse traps (amongst others).
  • Irresistible maximum attractiveness for acute pest control measures
  • High attractiveness for rodents, especially rats and mice
  • Available in three different aromas
  • Suited especially for dry areas